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Russian Musical Theater "Butterfly" is a theater company in Toronto,  Canada which works with children ages 3 and up
to learn how to sing, dance and perform on stage. It was established in January 2006 by the  director - Oksana Orlova. 
The first play which was presented to Toronto audience at York Woods Library Theater was "Wolf and Seven Kids".  
Russian Musical Theater "Butterfly" is a non-profit organization.


Russian Musical Theater "Butterfly" was established in January 2006 by Oksana Orlova in Toronto. Oksana Orlova was born in Odessa, Ukraine. In 1987 finished Teacher's College as an elementary school teacher in Odessa. In 1995 finished Mechnikov University of Odessa as a Russian philologist.
From 1995-2005 worked as a Russian teacher in 17th high school. There, Oksana made lots of musicals and plays with her students. They participated in lots of competitions, performances and won many prizes. In 2005 Oksana Orlova and her family immigrated to Canada.
Currently, Oksana is enrolled in Royal Conservatory of Music in Canada (vocal and piano).
Russian Musical Theater "Butterfly" participated in Toronto Community Housing (June 1, 2006), Russian Carousel (August, 2006), CIBC (June, 2009) and numerous other concerts.
Oksana Orlova - Music teacher and Theater director
Darina Leleka - Choreographer
Marina Sannikova - Russian teacher
and lots of other staff members