The creation of the Children's Center «Butterfly» preceded by more than 20 years of teaching of its founder, Oksana Orlova. The unique technique of blending different teaching methods, such as a method of creative perception, playing techniques, and information communication. At the heart of education is the children's aesthetics  - a love for art and beauty. It is the basis of education and training. The boys and girls who attend theatre classes are deeply studying the Russian language. Education is the Russian language in combination with other subjects. Thus, in acting classes, they study tongue twisters, nursery rhymes, believes based on, a poem. Music lessons for children are introduced to Russian folk songs, composers, and classical works. On the lessons of choreography - the basics of Russian Classical has ballet, studying Russian folk dance and other dances that accompany the Russian songs. So, guys do not just learn the Russian language, they learn the deep culture of his people. And we - the teachers all the forces trying to instill in them a love for Russian literature, language, Russian folk dancing, Russian folk songs, and generally all things Russian heritage.

Songs from the musicals "The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids" and "Mary Poppins" as well as Russian folk songs performed by our team, you can listen to here
Records produced at the studio "VK-bass".

Sincerely, Oksana Orlova

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